FFIT(Funai Foundation for Information Technology)

    Past FOS Recipients

 Name   School / Ph. D. (MS) / Current Status
Hideki Yoshimoto  
School : Royal College of Art
Department : Innovation Design Engineering
Ph. D. Thesis : Pulse and Rhythm - Exploring the Value of Repetitive

Motion as an Element of Design - (July 2015)

Current Status : Managing Director, tangent design and invention ltd

Koki Ho  
School : Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department : Aearonautics & Astronautics
Ph. D. Thesis : Dynamic Network Modeling for Spaceflight Logistics with

Time-Expanded Networks(June 2015)

Current Status : Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Hiroaki Inotsume  
School : Carnegie Mellon University
Department : Robotics Institute
M. S. Research : Slope Ascent Motion Planning of Planetary Rovers (August 2015)
Current Status : Research Assistant, Carnegie Mellon University

Naoya Okamoto  
School : University of Cambridge
Department : Physics
Ph. D. Thesis : Electrical manipulation of the spin Hall effect in semiconductors

(July 2014)

Current Status : Co-founder of Glocal Academy

Kosuke Iwai  
School : University of California Berkeley
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Ph. D. Thesis : Droplet-Based Microfluidic Systems: Finger-Powered Pumps,

Reactors and Magnetic Capsules(2015)

Current Status : Co-Director at the Micro Mechanical Methods for Biology

(M3B)Lab,Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC),

University of California,Berkeley

Yosuke Ushigome  
School : Royal College of Art
Department : Design Interactions
Master Thesis : Critical Spectacle(2014)
Current Status : Designer at Takram London

Yuki Nishida  
School : Carnegie Mellon University
Department : Information Networking Institute
Master's project topic : Survivable Social Network (reconstruction

of social networking service in disaster response)(2014)

Current Status : CEO and Chief Engineer, AgIC International Corporation